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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 12, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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not so much fog as yesterday. it is not as widespread fog as yesterday. the national weather serviced canceled the dense fog advisory overnight because it did not develop. we will watch it. it we have -- we have clouds this morning. a chance of sprinkles in the north bay. otherwise, sunny and mild. low-to-upper 60's inland and upper 50's to low 60's along the coast. >> good morning, everyone, if you are just waking up, we have a quiet start. we will look at maps to see what is happening, with plenty of green moving to sunol from pleasanton we have report of boxes in the lane southbound 680 . 580, tracy through castro valley is 33 minutes. 101 northbound from highway 85 to the san jose airport is 12
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minutes. 2 death through daly city into san francisco is under ten minutes. the bay bridge toll plaza shows everything is moving along fine making the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza from the maze. we have break news in san jose, a man died after being stabbed outside a bar on east santa clara street. police believe the trouble started with a fight inside that spilled into the streets. witnesses say the victim and suspect appear to be men in their 20's and we have a look at the scene, you can see the paramedics are there and police are on the scene. officers have detained one man for questioning. paramedics rushed the victim to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. we have a report with cornell bernard at the top of the hour. >> developing news from oakland. the search is on for a suspected carjacker and the elderly man and teen girl he may have abducted. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at the oakland
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safeway the. >> no sign of them but we have felt from inside the safeway. look at this: this is the man police are looking for. they describe him as an older african-american with salt and pepper hair, 5' 6". witnesses say they saw him stealing steak and lobster inside the store and saw him go outside armed with a knife and steal a car with two inside. >> our concern is and our priority is for the safety of the occupants of the vehicle described to us as elderly gentleman and a young girl possibly around age 13. >> it is sad. it is sad. a sad situation. sad that someone has to steal food. it is sad that innocent people are hijacked. >> this happened around 1:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the safeway on redwood road off
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of highway 13. police say no one has reported the man or girl missing. we asked them about that and they said they are look at all possible angles. here is the license plate and car description, license plate is 6jfm648. a red or burgundy sedan. if you see the car or man call the police. let them handle it. he is considered dangerous. thank you, amy. san francisco police want to find three people linked to a shooting and a car chase that ended with a crash on southbound 101 in south san francisco last night. officers captured the driver at the silver s.u.v. after it hit another car. three others in the s.u.v. took off running. there were multiple guns inside
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the s.u.v. and investigators believe one of people from the s.u.v. was involved in a shooting in the bayview district at 6:30. from china, a 6.8 earthquake struck overnight in the remote western most part of the area near nepal and afghanistan. the earthquake was put up to 7.3 by chinese officials larger than the survey measurement of 6.8. there are no reports of injuries are on damage. a vigil is tonight at uc berkeley for the cal football player had died after a conditioning run. the service awaying 21-year-old will be led by his fraternity brothers and hold at 7:00 p.m. adjacent to the stadium. a separate on-campus memorial service for the student is planned with details ahead.
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a celebration is machined at san francisco city hall to celebrate the 10 the anniversary of the start of same-sex marriage in the city that led to the legalization in the state of california. in 2004 then mayor gained international attention when he declared that california constitution equal protection clause gave him authority to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. the city clerk issued 4,000 listens before lawsuits stopped it. it set off a long legal battle that ended with the supreme court landmark decision last year. he is now lt. governor and will attend the 5:00 p.m. celebration at city hall. >> california attorney general harris will make it official: she is running for re-election. harris will announce this as 11:00 at city hall where she was the san francisco district attorney for two terms. she will highlight achievements in the first term as the top cop. she is the first woman. the first african-american.
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she is the first south asian in history to hold the office. >> oakland city administrator is one of four finalists for the city manager post in phoenix. she was a finalist for a similar job in dallas but not hired. the "san francisco chronicle" reports santana is one of the more highly government administrators in the country and many feel the departure is a loss if oakland. she has been at the job in oakland since june of 2011. >> there is a new mayor to take office next month to serve out the term of san diego's first democratic mayor in two decades who resigned in august following multiple accusations of sexual harassment. he pled guilty to three charge of mistreating women and sentenced to they months of full confinement. >> volunteers in santa cruz have uncovered dirty sir springs found during a childrenup on monday by the group clean team.
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they pulled 300 needles from a creek next to evergreen cemetery. critics of the needle exchange program say that it is an ongoing problem which fights disease. santa cruz county supervisors now say they will look into solutions including possibly moving the program. tonight golden gate bridge officials are holding the last in a series of public hearings on possible toll increases on the golden gate bridge with the district considering small incremental toll hikes over several years rather than a big increase. the district faces a projected five-year $142 million deficit. tolls were last increased by a dollar in 2008. fast track users pay 5 to across the bridge and others pay $6. the hearing is at city hall in san rafael at 7:00. don't know about 7:00 this evening but this morning as
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people head to work what will they find? >> her to get an weather-wise because the fog is not so widespread but i see thick and very dense fog is in the san joaquin valley with advisory until 10:00 this morning. if you are headed that way, watch out, it will be worse than around here where it is not is foggy. temperatures are mild this morning and humid out at mid-40's to around 50 and we will be partly sunny for the better part of the day with high clouds and sunshine and mid-50's to 60 at noon and as we head in the afternoon, a few sprinkles are possible and mid-50's to mid-60's from the coast to inland and in the evening, sprinkles are possible cross the north bay and we will be in the mid-to-upper 50's so you will not need a heavy coat. throw day forecast is another chance of light rain across the north bay tomorrow and valentine's day is partly sunny with warmer-than-average temperatures and get ready, we
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are still ready for rain on saturday evening into sunday morning. i will map that out in the big forecast. thanks, mike, good morning, everyone, we are starting out in san francisco where we had an overnight pedestrian fatality long van ness in the southbound direction between broadway and pacific and broadway and pacific, van ness, is shut down. northbound traffic will be only and birthdayway is also open. this sounds like it will be closed down for an hour to hour an and half. 680 southbound from walnut creek to dublin is 15 minutes. 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is 51 minutes. here is a look at the golden gate bridge from sausalito interest san francisco, no traffic through the waldo tunnel. over to the golden gate tolls, wide open and no construction there. nothing to get in your way.
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heads up for parents, the recall of a child safety device that could pose a serious danger. >> a man smashes the window of a police car in the heart of hollywood. a skier is fighting for his life in an avalanche caught on
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in new york city, one person died after a bus and a truck collided in greenwich village this morning with four people hurt, two suffered serious injuries. both vehicles plowed into scaffolding that surrounded the building at 7th and 15th. the inspectors have determined how to remove the vehicle so the scaffolding does not collapse. no word on lou many were on board. >> a man is in custody after smashing the ones of a lapd patrol car on hollywood
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boulevard and snatching a laptop. what is unusual, he did this right in front of darth vader and superman. it happened yesterday in the tourist area where people dress in costume for fun. police quickly arrested him on the hollywood walk of fame gold star. the suspect was taken to jail on felony vandalism charges. though word if he will face the wrath of darth vader. >> this morning, a north carolina father is being called a hero after he got his car out of the car and into safety as the car was being rammed repeatedly in what police are calling a road rage incident. saturday night the father and daughter were driving on a highway in raleigh on the way home from the movies and he was rear ended several times by the suspect. christopher desperately called 9-1-1. >> i have a go following me and rear ending me and now he is following me again.
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[ inaudible ] >> my god. >> what is your name? >> he hit us twice. >> he drove into a parking lot in front of a whole foods to wait for help and the suspect followed them and continued to slam into the car. the terror ended when the far grabbed his daughter and ran inside the store. they were followed by the suspect would now is on foot but he was subdued by store workers and police. it is believed that he was on drugs at the time. "good morning america" will have more details at 7:00 a.m. right here. there is a new recall, graco is recalling car seats including 11 models from 2009 through 2013 because of a faulty buckle that make it tough to free the trial in the event of emergency. this is the fourth largest recall of child car seats according to the national highway traffic safety administration. the agency wants graco to recall another 1.8 million seats with the same buckle.
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graco said food and dry liquids can affect the dry liquids and they are given new and improved harnesses. the rain over the weekend helped but we are in the grips of a drought and east bay mud is asking customers to reduce water use by 10 percent the latest district to call if voluntary restrictions. many gardens are under watered in lafayette. the drought is bringing back bad memories of the 1997 drought when this man lost several trees. east bay mud is asking customers to voluntary cut back water use by another ten percent. >> we hope the 10 percent will mean we cut back opposed to cutting the it off. >> he and his wife are conserving and may not have the vegetable garden for the first time in 30 years. >> met of the people i know are
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volunteering right new. >> they want another 10 percent on top of that? >> i know. i know. it is reminding people that it is voluntary. >> the weekend storm brought several inches of rain to the lafayette hills but it needs to hit the sweet spot: that is the reservoir in the sierra foothills where east bay mud gets the water which only has half the normal rainfall for the season. some feel it is not time for another 10 percent cut back. >> it is premature. it is still february. there is a reason to be concerned. there is a reason to be on your best behavior. >> the district would need five more big storms to bring water levels to normal. worst-case-scenario if it stays dry mandatory rationing is declared by april. bad weather has grounded the search efforts for two back country skiers hurt in an avalanche in the mountains of
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eastern oregon which killed two other skiers yesterday. ground crews evacuated four uninjured skiers from the same group and all skiers are from seattle. the two national guard helicopter could resume the search if the low clouds clear. and what it looks like to be caught in an avalanche because of a helmet camera attached to a snowboarder in colorado springs. the snowmobiler managed to get out safely. the force of the snow knocked the man off the snowmobile. he plans to take an avalanche safety course because of the brush with death. >> scary stuff. >> now a check on the weather forecast. anymore snow, mike? >> we need five more storms like we had last week. the atmospheric storm has moved
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to the north. for now, though, all is quiet on live doppler 7 hd. you can see the lack of rain. well update the fog on where it is thickest, livermore has an improvement and a last fog but the reporting station is saying four miles and the lowest visibility around the bay is five in hayward and two at half moon bay and in the north bay, half mile in santa rosa and 1.5 visibility in napa. thing for will be thickest and most widespread up north. we have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's and los gatos at 44 and san carlos at 48 and half moon bay at 45 and san francisco, oakland, hair, mountain view around 50 to 55, the mild spot this morning. this is how it looks across the bay bridge, the newly named western span of bay bridge as we look from our south beach camera, it will be partly sunny and above-average temperatures and a chance of sprinkles to light rain across the not bay
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the next 48 hours and the rest of us get our chance this welcome. we will be in the low-to-mid 60 in many areas and we could hit the upper 60's in antioch at 68 at livermore 67 and san jose at 68. thickest clouds are across the north bay where the sprinkles will fall with a better chance of measurable rain tonight across the north bay account rest of us have patchy fog and drizzle, maybe. most of this will stay in the north bay. temperatures are mild. mid-40's to low 50's. over the weekend it is building and headed to the north and that will keep us close with the sprinkles. this morning, you can see the best chance of rain in the afternoon mainly to the north and overnight there could be drizzle. tomorrow, you can see the best chance of rain is to the north. even friday, a lingering sprinkle to the not. in the mount tapes of the north
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bay, up to .1" or quarter of an inch and maybe in the bay only . 01". seven-day forecast shows temperatures mostly in the 50's along the coast and low-to-mid 60's and best chance of rain is saturday night and sunday. leyla gulen? >> on wednesday morning, we have a serious accident in san francisco over the altamont pass westbound 580 at greenville road where we have a stalled big rig blocking the 506 ramp. in san francisco, katie marzullo has been reporting this morning southbound van ness is shut down at broadway and pacific because of a pedestrian fatality. it will be closed for the next hour to hour and a half. northbound traffic is still open. drive time traffic, 80, albany to the maze is four minutes, 880 southbound from fremont to san jose is 14-minute and 280
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northbound from 101 to cupertino is 11 minutes. at the toll plaza we have cars funneling in just a short 13 minute commute to get to the north bay. thank you, annual mammograms for women over 40 help detect cancer but are they doing more harm than good? the new study that asks the question: are the tests really saving lives? >> amaying fine turning a construction site into a new tourist attraction. >> reaching for the sky, the new top dog
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a major construction find near seattle, what looks to be a mammoth tusk from the ice age that office a rare opportunity
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to study seattle's ancient natural history. the find is on private cooperate and the own has to cooperate. >> and west minister had best if show. a tee mail wire fox terrier beat out a field six runner-ups at madison square guard be, the 14 the time a wire fox terrier has won. a standard pooled was in second place. shot dog has won 129 best in she over all and the endorsements are pouring in. >> a look of a champion there. >> here is mike at 4:54 with a check on the forecast. >> good morning, everyone, from a moist morning still a lot of humidity but not so foggy as
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yesterday. the snow is over the sierra. we had a record high in lake tahoe of 52 degrees. today it will be windy with gusts up to 45 miles per hour through 7:00. you can see it is quiet other than a few sprinkles around eureka and crescent city and the further south you have the more sunshine and warmer weather and palm springs is 85. mid-to-upper 70's in san diego and los angeles, mid-70's through the central valley and at lake tahoe probably not a record high but still very mild and about 50 degrees. across the bay area we have clear conditions but in san francisco we have a serious accident, we will first talk about mass transit with 32 bart trains running on time. and ace train is rolling. in san francisco, this is where katie marzullo has been reporting about the pedestrian that was fatally hit by a vehicle on southbound van ness between broadway and pacific.
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it is shut down. it will be for a while longer. you can get around it at polk. we will have more details in a little bit. >> homeowners are doing a better job of keeping up with mortgages that has reduced the rate of late payments to the lowest level in five years according to credit reporting age trans union the percentage of mortgage holders two months behind fell in the 4th quarter to under 4 percent. that is down from 5 percent a year ago. struggling homeowners have season their finances shorn up by rising home values but the delinquency rate is twice as high as before the housing market burst in 2007. >> amazon is requiring 2,500 full-time workers at centers in the united states. none are in california. this points to amazon's growth
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hiring 20,000 people at the centers with more than half starting out as e-mail workers and the average start is higher than traditional retail workers. new questions of the value of annual mammograms with the study of 90,000 canadian women found diagnosing it more likely they did not three a reduction in the number of breast cancer deaths. the american cancer society points out that when breast cancer strikes women in their 40's it is more aggressive and deadly. the study is published in the british medical journal. >> we are following break news in san jose where a bar brawl towns deadly. we are on the scene with what police are revealing about the investigation. >> a statewide amber alert is in effect and we have the search for the man police say carjacked an elderly man and abducted a 13-year-old in oakland. >> pomp and sermon gives way to
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